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Hog or Honeybee?

On Saturday the Lord blessed us with a much needed warm, sunny day. After much of the rain that we have received, contributing to very wet conditions on our farm, the ground has been saturated. Our pond is as full … Continue reading

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One Small Child

Several years ago our family began attending a newly established congregation of local believers, which was a big step for our growing family to move out of our comfort zone into a new place.  All of our younger children had … Continue reading

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A Roaring Tormato

Our home is affixed on a hill.  Stonebridge Hill to be precise.  In the many years that we have made our dwelling here, we have gotten quite accustomed to some certain things associated with our property, not the least of … Continue reading

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Grandpa Santa

Silence is golden.  I’m thankful that Katrina added water to our large fish aquarium in the living room last night before going to bed.  Yesterday the sound was atrocious, as if I were on a white water rafting trip while … Continue reading

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Olivia’s Storytime

There she goes again, bounding gracefully by as she wisps through the room like a deer in the forest.  Her two little legs continually hop-skip wherever they take her, and as every leap separates her feet from the floor, she … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Christmas

The time had finally arrived.  After twelve long months of waiting, the time had come that we would get to spend the evening together dragging boxes out of the attic.  It came without warning, just snuck up on us.  On … Continue reading

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Blood Suckers and Rock Crabs

I used to fret a lot about things that are out of my control.  Now I don’t fret so much about those things but have migrated on to a new list of concerns, a list which is constantly changing.  It’s funny … Continue reading

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A Divine Appointment

My uncle lives in downtown Fort Smith where he has been a resident for a number of years now.  He has eked out an existence living on practically nothing.  Always alone, never having been married, he used to work at … Continue reading

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The Parable of the Dogwood

Several years ago, after having received the miracle of moving into our wonderful new home that God blessed us with, we had the privilege of experiencing our first spring on the hill.  As winter passed we had gotten used to … Continue reading

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Coffee Haze

In an afternoon coffee haze, I settle into my lazy chair, feet propped up on the stool.  The fancy-pants people at the furniture store would call it an ottoman, but I prefer the word stool.  I’ve yet to understand how … Continue reading

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