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Cake for Dinner

Ahh.  Nothing like the smooth taste of a piece of white birthday cake smothered with a heaping helping of butter cream icing.  As it passes through my cake-hole, leaving a film of grease along my palate, a couple of swigs … Continue reading

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The Secret Room

With reckless abandon I tunneled my way into the cold dusty space, determined to clear a wide path before the end of the day.  I set out to do what seemed like an impossibility.  Our large storage room above the … Continue reading

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The Dollar Store

I am pious and shallow.  I believe that the Apostle Paul must have had it all wrong.  When he proclaimed that he was the “chief of sinners” in his first letter to Timothy, I don’t believe he had met me, … Continue reading

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A Hiding Place

I found a hiding place.  Just for a moment, one solitary moment, I found it.  For a brief moment I sat down in the midst of clutter, a stained mop bucket, dirty clothes, and a broken down baby stroller.  While … Continue reading

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Coffee Haze

In an afternoon coffee haze, I settle into my lazy chair, feet propped up on the stool.  The fancy-pants people at the furniture store would call it an ottoman, but I prefer the word stool.  I’ve yet to understand how … Continue reading

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