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Cake for Dinner

Ahh.  Nothing like the smooth taste of a piece of white birthday cake smothered with a heaping helping of butter cream icing.  As it passes through my cake-hole, leaving a film of grease along my palate, a couple of swigs … Continue reading

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Another Two-Snake Saturday

Naptime has settled all over this place.  Our last napper, Olivia, is about half-way into her afternoon siesta.  If the other little noisemakers around the house can maintain a near silent atmosphere in our home for the next hour than … Continue reading

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Up on the Housetop

The canvas is white and no color has been added to the painting yet.  As the scene is laid out, the Painter adds some tall, leafless trees to the landscape, hundreds of them.  In the midst of the trees, the … Continue reading

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Coffee Haze

In an afternoon coffee haze, I settle into my lazy chair, feet propped up on the stool.  The fancy-pants people at the furniture store would call it an ottoman, but I prefer the word stool.  I’ve yet to understand how … Continue reading

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