One Small Child

Several years ago our family began attending a newly established congregation of local believers, which was a big step for our growing family to move out of our comfort zone into a new place.  All of our younger children had been at our previous church home for all of their lives, so this was a big deal.  But God always blesses obedience, and He sure did this time as well.

Spring and summer come and go each year, then fall arrives followed by the cold of winter.  Much like the weather, God also sends us through seasons of life, changes which bring different types of “weather” our way.  While days of weather can challenge our moods and emotions, so can the different journeys God takes us on.  Storms come and go, and the sun rises and falls, bringing new opportunities each day to serve Him in His glory.

Our little church grew immensely after our arrival, not because of anything we did mind you, but because of what God did through us and others.  We were introduced to many new members of God’s family, experienced many lives changed, and made many new friendships.  As we celebrated the birth of our Savior each year, one of the songs our family fell in love with at our church during the Christmas season was “One Small Child”, now one of our favorites.

Our blessed little church saw many folks come and go, and as time went on, many in our congregation moved on to other places where God directed them.  As summer came to a close this year, the remainder of our church family determined that it was time to move on to other opportunities, other “seasons” to serve Him.  The doors closed.

While finalizing some of the details at our church on a hot August day, I walked into one of the small classrooms and happened upon a little manger scene, all intact and assembled nicely across the top of a lonely shelf.  Nothing else was there, just our Savior, surrounded by those in awe of His grand arrival.  I suspect one of the children in our congregation (perhaps even one of mine!) had taken the time to make sure this small band of Jesus followers was properly assembled together.  I’m glad they did.


This simple yet grand event that happened so very long ago is a simple reminder that Jesus is bigger than whatever you are facing today, bigger than the strife you may have with others, and He is able to bring healing and safety, and ultimately lead us into eternity if we would only trust Him.

As you go through this Christmas season, give the gift of kindness.  Forgive someone.  Lend a hand where it’s needed.  More than anything else, remind everyone as you go that Jesus is the Savior of the world, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  It’s His birthday.  Celebrate it!

For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”  Luke 2:11

Written by David Steen, with God Smiling, November 30, 2014.

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5 Responses to One Small Child

  1. Faye Steen says:

    Good story son and so appropriate for the season and for the whole year.

  2. Ronnie Deal says:

    Great word…loved reading this!

    Hope you guys had a great thanksgiving!

  3. George Williams says:

    Well written brother!

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