The Last Day of January

I left work today with great anticipation of seeing snowflakes in abundance, hoping the weatherman’s prediction hadn’t failed us again.  It hadn’t.  God came through for him today, giving him a much needed boost to his reputation for a change.  Large flakes were falling gracefully down, quickly covering the trees and wet ground.  I thoroughly enjoyed my twenty minute drive home today.

After running a few errands, I left Fort Smith, on my way home to Greenwood.  I enjoyed a leisurely drive home, watching the snow accumulate as I listened to a good novel on CD.  It seemed as though I was in two worlds at the same time.  I was transported to Mississippi, where the setting of the novel took place in the deep South, and yet I was driving through the deep South in another place, the place I call home, Greenwood, Arkansas.

I listened to the narrator of the book describing a scene in which the main character drove up to an old Southern house to have a grand lunch with an older lady who had gone to great lengths to welcome him.  As he described the setting of the large house with its big front porch, I felt as though I was at home.  He told of the southern cuisine, going into vivid detail about the quantities of food and the grand smells.

It seemed hot in Mississippi, as the author ate his pork chops and collard greens, but the snow continued to fall here.  The closer I got to home the whiter it got.  Shortly I arrived there and looked up the hill to see our house against a backdrop of snow.  I slipped and slid up our two hundred and fifty foot long mud hole we call a driveway, but I made it to the top safe and sound.  Seeing the house made me thankful again that we had made the decision to build our house with a large wraparound porch.  It was a grand scene that we don’t get to see often, as we only get a good snow about once a year.

After getting up the driveway I pulled into the garage and went inside.  Our house was warm, and I immediately smelled the aroma of chili simmering in the kitchen.  I had been looking forward to it all afternoon, knowing that my wife Katrina had informed me earlier in the day of what we were having.  There’s just something about a good bowl of chili smothered with cheese on a cold winter day.

After seeing that Katrina had dinner under control, I set out to get a fire going in the fireplace.  I quickly loaded the fireplace with newspaper, sticks, and wood, and soon had a roaring fire going, for which the kids were very grateful when they came in from the snow.

I was soon reminded again of how thankful I was that Katrina had already gotten our supper cooking, as she scrambled the kids to make sure they all got their dose of the snow before daylight ended.  She put on her “shutterbug” hat at she usually does during every climactic event, and went outside to click a few pictures of the kids in the snow.  She also dragged out our dilapidated video camera, which has no battery, plugged it into an inside wall outlet, stretched the cord through the door standing wide open, and commenced to pretend to be the nightly news video expert.  She narrated in her usual fashion as she scanned the kids playing in the frozen mush.

Bradley had just completed his first snowman he’d ever made, which was a combined conglomeration of snow, leaves, and mud, but he was proud nonetheless.  Mom made sure to get a good picture of this.  Hannah and Holly were off scampering through the snow, Holly being interested in the taste of the snow rather than the beauty of it.  There’s just something in every kid that wants to reach down and put a handful of those God-made ice crystals in their mouth.

Katrina and the kids frolicked in the snow for the last remaining moments before dark, and then they all brought their rosy cheeks inside, unbundled themselves, and gathered around the fire.  We soon sat down to our warm bowl of chili, grateful for God’s beauty on the outside, and for Him providing us heat and good food on the inside.  God is so good.

Written by David Steen, with God Smiling, January 31, 2008

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3 Responses to The Last Day of January

  1. David Purifoy says:


  2. Faye Steen says:

    Good story! You still have it in you, just a busy past couple of months for you. Just keep up the good work. Love, MOM

  3. Cindy Osburn says:

    Great story David, and yes you have to keep writing. Your cousin looks forward to them each week, they have become a “must” read. Keep on writing and I will pray the Lord will send you the words to write. Love, Cindy

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