Monthly Archives: September 2010

Another Two-Snake Saturday

Naptime has settled all over this place.  Our last napper, Olivia, is about half-way into her afternoon siesta.  If the other little noisemakers around the house can maintain a near silent atmosphere in our home for the next hour than … Continue reading

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Living in a Floodplain

The banks of Bear Creek were not filled to capacity this year.  I vividly recall that very spot a year ago when the creek was overflowing, swollen from unseasonably late summer rains.   This year the creek displayed an inviting architecture … Continue reading

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Possum Stew

Ahh, a three day weekend, a grand opportunity to enjoy an extra day away from work to do…whatever.  The exodus had begun as the masses of people lined up with their boats and campers to head out of town for … Continue reading

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