An Unquenchable Thirst

The yard was crispy outside as the effects of the hottest days of summer were upon us.  With July almost past and August on its way the scorching heat was beginning to take its toll on the yard and trees.  In fact, as the dog days of summer had settled in, mowing was transformed from a time to cut the grass to a time of spreading the dust.

It’s been proven time and again that our kids could not possibly be thirsty, in spite of the heat.  In fact, they seemed to be quite hydrated.  The signs were there on those wonderful mornings when a liberal dose of moisture could be found on their sheets and clothing.  Somehow, regardless of all of our efforts, they seemed to be finding a water source in the late hours of the evening.  Perhaps someone had been playing a cruel trick on us, sneaking into their rooms at night, and attaching a water hose to their mouth at night.  ‘Twas questionable.

One day while outside on the porch I noticed that Hannah was moving in on the bird’s territory in the bird bath.  She seemed to have been thrilled to have found the birdbath full of water so she decided to take a few good slurps.  Mmm, Mmm good!  I abruptly put a stop to that with a good verbal lashing, explaining to her all of the diseases she was going to get from drinking water out of such places.  Later I told my wife Katrina about the incident and she replied, “I get on to them all the time for getting down and licking the porch when I’m watering the plants.  I don’t know what’s wrong with them.”  I didn’t know either.

Several days after the bird bath incident Katrina decided to brave the world and take our four youngest kids to the pool.  Before they could head over to the pool, though, they had to make a pit stop at the doctor’s office to make sure that our son Bradley’s recently fractured arm was ready to have its cast removed.  Katrina kept the kids (and the swimsuits) in the dark regarding the pool until it was certain that Bradley’s arm was healed properly.  Everything was a success at the doctor’s office except for Joshua’s poopie explosion in the waiting room.  Well, maybe it was a success for Joshua!  Bradley and Joshua were both glad to have left something behind at the doctor’s office so off to the pool they went.

Katrina and the kids arrived at the pool, excited after Bradley’s long month of waiting to take a dip, since he hadn’t been able to go swimming with his cast on.  The first thing they had to do was to change into their swimsuits.  As Katrina was working hard trying to get Joshua ready for the pool she kept turning to the other kids and telling them, “Don’t step in those water puddles.  That water is nasty!”  She also had to constantly remind them to work on getting dressed and to stop lingering around naked, in spite of the fact that they were in a dressing room.  At their young pre-school age the kids were quite comfortable with being in their birthday suits, so it never occurred to them that it was a problem.  One particular lady felt compelled to stop by and help Katrina suit up one of the girls, for which she was very grateful.

Just when they were almost ready to enter the pool area, Katrina looked over and about died!  To her disgust, there was little Holly bent over in the floor, getting a mouthful of water from a nearby puddle.  Katrina had to embarrassingly explain that away to another lady passing by in the dressing room at the time, saying “I don’t know what has gotten into that child!”

After everyone was suited up, they headed to the pool and enjoyed a wonderful swim.  Hopefully the kids did not swallow too much pool water, but if they did get thirsty later there would always be the bird bath at home.

Written by David Steen, summer of 2007, with God Smiling.

Something else that’s laughable…

Did you know that if you type the word “poopie” in a Word document that it tries to substitute the word “potpie” when you do a spell check?  Just thought I’d pass that along.  It made me laugh out loud, but then I’m easily amused!

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6 Responses to An Unquenchable Thirst

  1. Drew Ellenwood says:

    This story is a riot! Maybe Katrina could have told the lady, “Do you know where this child’s mother could be?” If we could only teach children germ theory even before walking. And yet, they never seem to keel over from rampant disease. It’s a wonder any of us reach adulthood. Maybe swallowing the pool water would do good; the chlorine might go chase away some of the germs. On the other hand, bleh! About poopie and potpie: Some of the potpies I’ve eaten, it’s about the same.

  2. Walt says:

    Most comical story to date. I loved that one! Must be their daddy’s genes.

  3. shelly says:

    Hilarious David!! leave it up to kids to try these things out–there’s no telling what i did as a child!! great story!!

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