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An Unquenchable Thirst

The yard was crispy outside as the effects of the hottest days of summer were upon us.  With July almost past and August on its way the scorching heat was beginning to take its toll on the yard and trees.  … Continue reading

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Travelling with Children

Leg number one was behind me.  After over an hour delay just getting out of the airport at home, I had finally arrived in Dallas en route to Chicago.  Leaving Greenwood, Arkansas and leaping into the great big world of … Continue reading

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The Last Graduate

I took a painting class one time.  I have no idea why.  Stupid I guess.  I suppose I watched one too many episodes of that guy that was on PBS on Saturday mornings, the guy with the huge afro, Bob … Continue reading

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A Walk to the Park

Loony, insane, kook—words synonymous with those lacking good sense.  On occasion I’ve accused my wife Katrina of possessing some of these attributes.  Sometimes it’s for good reason, but at other times I’m keenly aware that it’s just because God gifted … Continue reading

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