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We’re All Gonna Die!

Growing up near the hill country of Arkansas introduced me early on to my dad’s enthusiastic driving on treacherous mountain roads.  Most of our trips did not take us “over the river and through the woods”, but up the mountains … Continue reading

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The Wild Cherry Tree

A couple of years ago, when we began clearing the lot that we currently live on, I went through the lot chopping, cutting, and burning down trees.  My first goal was to remove all of the dead brush to get … Continue reading

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Burritos and Frog Food

No one else has stirred yet.  I’ve been in my element for some time now, those early morning hours when things are quiet, when whatever noise that is being made in the house is caused by me.  I keep it … Continue reading

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The Blackberry Bandits

Not long after my wife Katrina and I met, we discovered how much each of us liked to get out into the great outdoors.  Even on our first date, after we did one of my favorite things, eating, we went … Continue reading

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