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Blood Suckers and Rock Crabs

I used to fret a lot about things that are out of my control.  Now I don’t fret so much about those things but have migrated on to a new list of concerns, a list which is constantly changing.  It’s funny … Continue reading

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A Hiding Place

I found a hiding place.  Just for a moment, one solitary moment, I found it.  For a brief moment I sat down in the midst of clutter, a stained mop bucket, dirty clothes, and a broken down baby stroller.  While … Continue reading

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The Dipstick Method

A mom will do just about anything for her children, even against all odds.  It’s ingrained in them, part of their natural instinct.  There are many things that a mom does that a dad just can’t quite do the same … Continue reading

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Postage Stamp Gardening

The stumps are aging and showing signs of relenting to the inevitable wear of rain and sun which will bring them to their eventual slow death.  In time they will become a part of the rich topsoil that our hill … Continue reading

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