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A Divine Appointment

My uncle lives in downtown Fort Smith where he has been a resident for a number of years now.  He has eked out an existence living on practically nothing.  Always alone, never having been married, he used to work at … Continue reading

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Critter Season

Dusk was rapidly approaching as the outdoors portion of our evening was coming to a close.  The kids were putting the finishing touches on their layers of dirt from head to foot, happy to have been spending hours playing outside.  … Continue reading

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The Parable of the Dogwood

Several years ago, after having received the miracle of moving into our wonderful new home that God blessed us with, we had the privilege of experiencing our first spring on the hill.  As winter passed we had gotten used to … Continue reading

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Mr. Porkbelly and Not-so-Little Debbie

Some little fat fellow is sitting pretty in the south of France.  Basking in the sun in the navel up position, he looks like an expectant mother about to pop at any moment.  His shirtless, tan belly is constricted at … Continue reading

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