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Spring Break or a Break from Spring?

      Many folks in our area have left town, taken vacation, or just taken a break from the everyday grind as Spring Break gets underway here.  The groundhog’s six week extension of winter officially expired yesterday as the first … Continue reading

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The Disappearance of Hairy

As the first week of March had come and gone, a feeling of spring was in the air.  My wife Katrina had come down with a severe case of her annual illness, the fur fever.  I haven’t noticed the fever … Continue reading

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The Cat and Mr. Slugworth

Now I am not much of a cat person.  In fact, a cat person I am not.  Period.  This does not mean that I would fling one off of a bridge in a desperate attempt to rid the world of … Continue reading

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The Tooth Fairy Goes to the Beach

As we were working hard to get ready for church this morning, Hannah came into the kitchen as I was fixing breakfast for the kids and myself.  It was quick breakfast day with the choices of cereal, cinnamon-toast, or instant … Continue reading

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