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Paper Cups and Mule Meat

As hard as I tried I could not find them.  I scanned our hardwood stairs top to bottom but could not find the indentions that I knew must be there.  How did he get in here and leave without a … Continue reading

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Tag Team Rasslin

As I think back before the turn of the century, about thirty years ago, nobody I knew had even heard of the Internet, personal computers or cell phones.  If there was any wireless communicating going on, it was probably on … Continue reading

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The Half-beaten Potato Conspiracy

In a remote, small town in Idaho an old pickup pulled into a lonely roadside diner.  Farmer Joe stepped out into the brisk air as the sun peaked over the horizon of the potato-farm landscape.  Joe tucked a crumpled sack … Continue reading

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Meatballs and Squirrel Jaws

It all started with the meatballs.  Plump, round, rolled portions of ground beef, coated with a generous glaze of that All-American, all-purpose sauce, ketchup.  Let me see now, when was that?  It must have been sometime during the early years … Continue reading

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